What if the way “Up” was actually the way “Within?”

The Harmonic Business Series of Programs has been created to showcase Purposeful Leadership.

The Human Condition

The first event in the Harmonic Business Series will feature:

* Annette Baron (www.proposal-architect.com)
* Vanessa Codorniu (www.vanessacodorniu.com/)
* Kavi Daniel Patak (www.omniwealthsolutions.com/about-us/)
* Kathryn Okeson (www.kateokeson.com)


Areas that will be explored, through Education & Discussion, in the first Harmonic Business Workshop include:

* Rewriting Your Own Story (Why Language Matters)
* Cultivating a Relationship with Your Inner Voice (Your Soul’s Journey)
* Embracing Your Emotional Capacity (Learning the Languages of Being)
* Deepening Your Sense of Creativity (Why Everyone Can Be An Artist)


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