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Kavi Daniel Patak

Daniel M. Patak

Daniel Patak is the Founder of OmniWealth Solutions and a voice for holistic and integrative business practices.

Daniel sees every business problem ~ whether his own or his Clients’ challenges and frustrations ~ as an opportunity for both personal and professional improvement. He is seeking the “heart of the matter” in order to turn those same challenges into a broader and more relevant version of “success.”

A graduate of Montclair State University, with a BA in English and a minor in Music, Daniel originally earned his living as a professional musician and actor, eventually turning to real estate and finance for personal and professional growth.

Raised in beautiful rural Warren County, NJ by intelligent and caring parents who taught him to never give up on anything meaningful, his approach to his work is one of insightful, focused involvement.

His historical successes speak to his personal commitment to success:
* As a Broadway musician on Disney’s The Lion King;
* As a credentialed Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Practitioner;
* As a marketing agent for a real estate investment program, selling over 36MM in product, in only 6 months;
* As a commercial loan broker, placing and closing over 20MM in small businesses and commercial property loans;
* As a salesperson/project manager for a team of talented web professionals, producing highly-functional enterprise websites.

In his role of Founder and Principal of OmniWealth Solutions, Daniel consults with a small portfolio of businesses and entrepreneurs on financial matters, operational challenges and business development opportunities as their outsourced CFO/Controller/Business Manager.

In his spare time, he maintains a passion for music and writing.

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The Omniwealth Community

The Omniwealth Community of Professionals is comprised of like-minded individuals who bring together Conscious Leadership from a variety of distinct industries, including Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Not-For-Profit, Performing Arts, Spiritual & Healing Arts and Creative Design. By collaborating across disciplines, these professionals are able to offer Clients multiple pathways to success, no matter their budget or personal experience in the areas where they require the most assistance.

Since every member of this Professional Community seeks to educate their Clients as a key element in their role as “change agent,” the result of their collective work is that each Client is empowered with new knowledge and concrete skill sets, including new perspectives on how the Client might “open up” to new dimensions within themselves.