Our Philosophy

In an era when businesses of all types are challenged with how their bottom line, ethics, service and technology perform together, bookkeeping and back office management systems should be seen as the backbone for developing healthy small business cash flow systems.

Grounded in over 20 years of collective bookkeeping/internal accounting and business management experience, as well as 5 years of commercial loan brokering experience, OmniWealth Solutions professionals use a blend of knoweldge and wisdom to provide direction and concrete services tailored to your business.

OmniWealth’s founder, Daniel Patak, is a product of both traditional business settings and non-profit management challenges, who seeks to serve the wholeness of the Client’s existing and future priorities within the scope of each project.  Comfortable engaging with all levels of the Client company’s Staff and Management, we hope to create an authentic map toward success founded in the reality of that company’s financial position.

OmniWealth Solutions sees all Client relations as partnerships with “stakeholders” to be cultivated over time – and has specific expertise in re-calibrating, or streamlining, operations for small-to-medium sized businesses in their 3rd – 5th year of growth.

We understand transitional moments in a company’s financial infrastructure, and follow a simple motto: Rationalize, Centralize, Optimize.