The Inside Perspective (On-Site): The bookkeeping work is done at the Client’s office.  OmniWealth Solutions becomes the part-time accounting department.  The visit to the Client’s office is scheduled on a specific day and at a a specific time, so you know when we will be available to work on your back office or discuss crucial elements of your business with you.

As a member of your small business team of professionals, we understand how critical it is to b able to relay information to the right people in an efficient, yet thorough and effective manner.  So, our on-site professionals will ensure that the role they play on your team is performed with both attention to detail and attention to character.

While we are not technically employees, and this status allows us to provide you certain perspectives on your business, we are also dedicated to ensuring that you understand our value within the scope of your business, by educating about our work you along the way.

We also keep our eyes on the various systems working within your business to note any areas that might enjoy more attention or specific improvements.

The Outside Perspective (Off-Site): The bookkeeping work is done at our office.  We are your part-time accounting department; but we manage ourselves, off-site.  Visits to your office and/or phone calls are scheduled, on a regular basis, to review or discuss crucial elements of your business with you.  For clients sending their work to our office for processing, we provide secure, electronic delivery options and/or postage-paid, pre-addressed envelopes.

Because we know you will still need face time with us, though, we offer our “remote” services with an Account Manager available to meet with you in person, to ensure proper clarity and customer service along the way.  In other words, we are certain that things will come up that require us to visit your office, as well.

Elements of the on-site facilitation might include software installation and/or training, hard copy record pick-up and drop-off, CFO-type consulting, etc.


OWS workflow chart