Harmonic Business Platform

harmonic-businessHarmonic Business programs are provided by the Omniwealth Community of professionals who bring together Conscious Leadership from a variety of distinct industries, including Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Not-For-Profit, Performing Arts, Spiritual & Healing Arts and Creative Design. By collaborating across disciplines, these professionals are able to offer Clients multiple pathways to success, no matter their budget or personal experience in the areas where they require the most assistance.

Regardless of group size, the entire HARMONIC BUSINESS platform is designed to address the following within your organization:

Reintegrating the “loose ends” of your business endeavors.
Extracting the “gold” from every corner of your organization or practice.
Enlivening the members of the organization by awakening their greatest potentials.

Organizational Development & Training Programs

·      The Languages of Being (Understanding Your Emotional Ecology)

·      The Academic Approach (Developing New Protocols & Proving Up)

·      The Artists Among Us (The Untapped Creativity Is The Answer)

·      A Boardroom Full of Souls (The Purpose of Collective Work)

·      Splitting Off (Strategic Work Marriages)

Business Development & Strategic Growth

·      The Silent Killers (How Fear & Ego Will Hogtie An Entire Company)

·      The Listening Protocol (What Your Clients Aren’t Telling You)

·      What If Time Is Actually Money and Art?

Management Coaching & Mentoring

·      Time is Money: But Why?

·      Sage Advice: 1-on-1 Sessions

·      Planned Obsolescence & Ambitious Transitions

·      The Treasure Map: Manifestation & Attraction Techniques

Most of our programs can be delivered in large or small group workshops, as well as multiple session in-service or tailored individual trainings. Be in touch with us and find out how our community can help your community grow.